Emergency Department Care

Please make a phone call at 025-777-3200
before you come to our Emergency Room.

※ Please ask someone who can speak Japanese to talk over the phone instead of you.

What is an Emergency Room (ER) ?

ER provides urgent care to patients who have traumatic injury, major illnesses or other issues that require immediate treatment.
ER also accepts patients transported by an ambulance as well as those who come to the ER on their own.
Please call us at 025-777-3200 ahead you come to the ER on your own.

Please be advised that you are likely to wait long and charged a special health-care fee
if you visit the ER when there is no critical/urgent condition.

What to Bring

  • Photo ID (passport, drivers’ license, residence card, etc.)
  • Patient ID card(
  • Health Insurance Card/Individual Number Card (My Number Card) (
  • Other medical certificates (Eligibility Certificate for hospital/medical fee cap)(
  • Referral letter from other medical institutions(
  • Appointment letter(
  • Medicine record(
  • Cash or Credit card

if applicable

General Steps of Emergency Care


Please come to the ER reception with the above “What to Bring” items.
The triage nurse will take your medical history and perform a brief examination of your symptoms to assess how serious your condition is. After your assessment, you will be prioritized according to the medical severity of your symptoms. Patients with the most severe emergencies receive immediate treatment.

Should your symptoms worsen as you wait, notify the ER staff member immediately.


Patients will receive care primarily from an ER doctor while the ER doctor may refer them to a specialized doctor when needed. If you want a specialist to see you, come to the outpatient clinic on weekdays.


Please be noted that the fees of emergency care costs you more than the one of outpatient clinic.

We accept payments via the following credit cards:

4In-Hospital Prescription

At the ER, doctors priscribe medicine only for a period until the next outpatient clinic hours.

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